The training that we provide is aimed at re-energizing "the team" whether it's the sales team, management team or operations or Human Resources teams.

The training is experientially focused with classroom sessions being supported with teamwork exercises, games and tasks to reinforce the message being presented by the Trainer or Facilitator.

The day or days training are stimulating and informative with participants enjoying learning in a fun atmosphere – the best environment for taking on board the messages being presented. Clients may want their staff to communicate better within the team or across teams. Perhaps the team is newly formed and need to get to know one another and what better start than an introduction to effective team working.

We call the event T 'n' T – Training and Teamwork - and the sessions can be provided at venues throughout the UK where meetings rooms are available along with a small area of grounds or lawns to set the team tasks or challenges.

Other courses include:

  • Conflict management
  • Effective communications
  • Leadership skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales skills
  • Teams and personalities
  • Time management

A good example of the type of training is provided in the case study which involved a team of managers for a days team building with an extensive morning classroom session in dispersed with energizer games and then an afternoon of team challenges . The training emphasised the individual in a team, what makes a good team, the different personalities in a team and the personality balance required to make an effective team.

The team challenges then focused the group on the need to plan, communicate and teamwork to achieve the given task within the time allowed.

This is the essence of the Re-energize style of training in helping participants understand what makes a good team their own strengths and weaknesses and importantly how they can use this knowledge and information to develop their own teams in the workplace or better fit and work within the team environment.

We will be delighted to provide an in-depth proposal for your next training session and provide a venue finding service for you and recommend venues which have the ideal facilities for the T 'n' T experience.

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ProCook try T'n'T

Based at the character Hatherley Manor Hotel, forty ProCook Managers and staff undertook an indoor Training and Teamwork session entitled "how to work in small teams". The training, run by Paul Harraway, initially asked individuals to fill in a short DISC questionnaire to ascertain their "team" personality. Paul went through; "the individual in a team" and "working as a team". The Re-energize team supported the theory with energizers to get the teams communicating and working together plus longer, more involved exercises improving their planning and communication. The event finished with Paul outlining the DISC profiling and how to be effective when working in small teams.

Alder King clued in

As part of their 100 year anniversary celebrations Alder King asked Re-energize to provide a team event at Tortworth Court, Bristol. After considering several options a clue trail was selected to enable all 130 Partners and Staff to be involved. A clue trail with a difference though, involving not only clues within the hotel and grounds, but sections involving all the team in logic tasks and team exercises including Spider's Web, Grid & Shelves and Pyramid. The teams had to tackle the tasks as quickly as they could to earn maximum points within the 2 hours time limit. After the event Beccy Bell commented "Just a quick note to thank you and all of your team for a great event on Friday afternoon. Everyone enjoyed it immensely."

Aster Group in soccer play off

The head office team from Aster enjoyed a Human Table Football tournament in the grounds of the Marsh Farm Hotel near Swindon. The 6 teams went head to head, almost literally, in a round robin tournment with the girls enjoying the competition as much as the chaps! The large HTF unit is unique to Re-energize and able to field 7-a-side and so handle a good sized group within the allocated 2 hour session.